Network Against FGM in Somaliland (NAFIS)

Support Center and Counseling

In 2011, a Support Center was established by NAFIS in the capital and later two more support centres in Borama and Burao by the project. NAFIS support center is where women receive counselling in groups or individually by midwives trained by the project. Services at NAFIS support center are free of charge for those who cannot pay.
Ease of Accessing the Social Support, some of the participating women had received information about the support center since they were living in the area. A few were referred to NAFIS by other health facilities, while others had been encouraged to seek help by female friends, neighbours, or relatives who had either received help from the support center themselves, or knew someone who had.

In addition to this, NAFIS is running a “community education campaign” in the catchment area of the support center. In meetings with local women’s groups, religious leaders, village health committees, and other local institutions, NAFIS informs the attendees at the support centers about the negative consequences of FGM/C and where to seek help for FGM/C-related health problems. NAFIS aims at breaking the ignorance, embarrassment, and shame that prevent women from seeking care and treatment is the major challenge for NAFIS and similar programs aiming to alleviate the consequences of FGM/C.

NAFIS Achievements at support centers
  • 14,324 survivors visited NAFIS support centers and had given psychosocial counseling
  • 1,238 had been given referral to other health facilities
  • 128 survivors with cyst complication were given medical treatment
  • 7,544 household families/MCHs clients were visited and given FGM/C education sessions
  • 2,180 community members were attended Community Conversation Meetings
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