Awareness Rising on FGM/C Hazards For 10 Villages In Maroodi-Jeeh Region

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NAFIS conducted community engagement sessions about ending FGM/C hazards in the villages of Maroodi-Jeeh region which’s: Gadhka-Warsame-Xaad, Bender-Wanaag, Balli-Axmed, Qori-Jabley, Xadhig-Xadhig, Sharmarke, Ina-Cunaye, Cunaqabad, Agabar and Caadda. About 200 participants have attended for the awareness rising meetings in all of the 10 villages, each village 20 participants have attended and 55% out of the total participants were female.

These FGM/C awareness risings were aiming, to educate the community about the medical and social impacts of FGM, and as well as the importance of women reproductive health. In addition, it was empowering the women on health, livelihood and women’s rights.  



“NAFIS envision a society where all forms of violence against women and girls are eliminated”.


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