Female  genital  mutilation  (FGM/C)  is all  procedures  that  involve  partial  or  total  removal  of  the  external  female  genitalia,  or  other  injury  to  the  female  genital  organs  for nontherapeutic/ medical  reasons.  It  is  an ancient  tradition  in  large  parts  of Afric a  and  is  now practised  in  30  countries  in  western,  eastern,  and  north-eastern  Africa,  parts  of  the  Middle  East[and  Asia,  and  within  some immigrant   communities   in   Europe,   North  America   and  Australia.This   study   looked at   the prevalence, perception and attit ude towards abandonment of FGM/C in Somaliland. DOWNLOAD

he study was conducted in Awdal, Maroodijeeh  and Togdheer regions in Somaliland, the study  covered city towns, districts, villages, and rural  areas. The study target groups of the researched  locations were circumcisers. The methodology  of  data  collection  was  exploratory  approach  by exploring new insights from a new angle of  which previous studies under looked. DOWNLOAD

In Somaliland type three is called 'pharaoic' (in Somali "Fircooni" or "qodob" meansing infibulation), whereas all other types are referred to as "Sunna". The reasons for the pratice of FGM/C lie in the blief that it maintains virginity, controls femal sexuality and is a purifiying action. FGM/C is known as "Xalaaleyn" in English "legalzig", meaning that the girl is now fir for marriage and other socian functions. DOWNLOAD


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