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Child protection module two training

BLOG Monday, 21 March 2016 04:19
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NAFIS Organized a module two of child protection training for organizations implementing Kindernothilfe grants either direct or through NAFIS Network from 30th of March up to 2nd April 2015. The main objective of Module One training which conducted in May last year was to motivate the partner organizations to develop or to strengthen their Child Protection Policies (CPP) according to the standards developed by the network ‘Keeping Children Safe’. The objectives of this Module two training focusing more on the practical implementation of the child protection policies (CPPs) and corresponding Child Protection Initiatives (CPI):


Participants are familiar with the existing external child protection system and know how to link this with their internal child protection mechanisms.

Participants have an understanding of how to facilitate and promote child participation.

Participants have the knowledge how to involve children in the implementation of the CPP.

Participants have an understanding about CPIs with children and duty-bearers.


The executive directors and senior program people were invited to this training to acquire their commitments and ownership of the child protection policy and also come up child protection initiatives which are to build the protective capacities of children and other stakeholders for prevention, disclosure and safety net building.

This training co-facilitated by Sinafikish tasegeye who is a regional trainer of KNH and Abdirahman Gaas the executive director of NAFIS also the National trainer of KNH in the child protection, was very interactive since its addressing the real life of every day experience.


At the end of the training each organization developed their action plan to finalize their child protection policy and implement the policy and child protection initiatives as much as they can avoid.

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