Network Against FGM in Somaliland (NAFIS)


NAFIS has conducted extensive research on Somaliland from 2006 up to date and has conducted trainings and courses on capacity building for local civil society organizations, to increase their organizational capacity knowledge of FGM in Somaliland. We deliver specialist FGM training to a diverse range of frontline professionals in Social health workers, voluntary, media, local CSOs and community. We base our capacity building on our research; by developing and distribute advocacy materials, training tools and curricula to the local organizations and using to bring effective change at a community level.

NAFIS also capacitate its staff to recognize anti-FGM program to enhance ownership in the organization and hence effectively strengthen anti-FGM/C campaign. NAFIS shares knowledge, best practice and research as part of our mission to accelerate an end to female genital Mutilation (FGM). We communicate the realities of FGM as well as the hope and possibility that the practice can end.  Through Workshops and training we support those that are working towards ending FGM in their communities.

1.  Enhancing holistic approach in combating FGM in Somaliland through behavioral change, legislation and involvement of new actors.

2. Termination Oppression against women and girls Program “STOP”

3. Scaling up community education and FGM survivor support in Somaliland

4. Developing a sustainable, climate-adjusted approach to food security and increasing

  • NAFIS mapped out all anti-FGM/C stakeholders and their roles on end of FGM/C continuity; particularly mapped out (as one on one meeting) the civil society organizations working on this campaign to understand their attitudes and level of capacity in relation to this campaign.
  • NAFIS established national and regional level coordination and networking platforms among the stakeholders with collaboration of Ministry of labor and social affairs.
  • NAFIS in collaboration with its member organizations established Anti-FGM/C Youth forums in three eastern regions of Somaliland (Sool, Sanaag and Togdheer) to understand the practice in person and take part in the campaign at youth and community level.
  • NAFIS developed FGM/C mainstreaming guide book to enable project staff, its member organizations and other civil society organizations to mainstream Anti-FGM work into their projects at field level. 
  • In 2016, 16 NAFIS staff were given Refresher training for Project management, monitoring and Psycho-social training.
  • 46 female community health workers were trained and recruited at the MCHs centers on FGM/C health complications and referral mechanism.
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