Network Against FGM in Somaliland (NAFIS)
Let us Support our Girls and Mothers

Let us Support our Girls and Mothers

Network Against FGM In Somaliland (NAFIS) is implementing a community base project which’s “Community Education on FGM/C and Survivors Support Project in Somaliland” in the three regions of (Maroodi-Jeeh, Togdheer and Awdal).

The overall project goal is to reduce the prevalence rate of the Female Genital Mutilation through improved behavioral change of the community level of understanding negative effects of FGM practice, and support the survivors of FGM/C. the project mainly aimed at:

1.      Enhancing community education on FGM through improved behavioral change of the negative effect of FGM/C and,

2.      Reducing the existing FGM/C consequences by providing care, counseling, treatment and referrals for those having FGM/C medical complications.

During this year of 2018;

The project has reached out a total of 2,879 beneficiaries from (Maroodi-Jeeh, Awdal and Togdheer) regions. 1,928 were given psychosocial counseling on FGM/C, 760 have reached out through outreach mobilization on FGM/C issues, and 26 FGM/C survivors who has FGM/C medical complication were supported and referred for further medical treatment, while 165 who were having other medical complains were referred to other health facilities/hospitals.

Apart from this, one of the NAFIS Network thematic areas is reducing FGM/C prevalence rate in Somaliland through improved behavioral change and supporting the FGM/C survivors, From the first half of the year 2018, (January up to June), NAFIS Network supported 26 FGM survivors (16 from Hargeisa, 9 from Burao and 1 from Borama). 

Those 26 survivors  had a keloid vaginal cyst resulted from FGM/C procedures and were referred to the hospitals for medical assistant and further medical treatment for the three regions of Somaliland (Maroodi-jeex, Togdheer and Awdal) all the medical expenses where supported by NAFIS Network.

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