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NAFIS supports the survivors of FGM/C by esteblished three support centers in Hargeisa, Borama and Burao

From 2014, NAFIS in collaboration with UNDP initiated a bottom-up approach namely; Intergenerational dialogue meetings for the fight against FGM/C practices. The main aim of the dialogues was to facilitate intergenerational dialogue among these groups with different backgrounds in terms of age, gender, life experience, profession, status and socio-economic wise;(women, male and female youth, police, health workers, religious/traditional leaders, traditional birth attendants and anti-FGM/C activists) in IDPs in Hargeisa.

So far, 47 meetings were conducted and 1845participants (1,196 female and 624 male) were reached. The knowledge and education of the participants were increased, the inter ages discussion among the participants is initiated which is a new culture in Somaliland. The behavior of the participants; particularly the youth, traditional and religious leaders is changed. FGM/C issue become the agenda of the community to the decision makers which brings the issue to the for front.

However, this was a powerful approach of promoting local initiatives and community driven agendas which can play a crucial role in anti-FGM/C advocacy and convincing the decision makers to take protective decisions such as passing anti-FGM/C policy and law.


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